Ubiquinol for Women's Preconception Health

Preconception & Reproductive Health Supplement for Women

Preconception is a unique and deeply personal experience. For women, this journey is often accompanied by lifestyle changes to optimize reproductive health – from nutrition and exercise to stress management and supplements. Kaneka Ubiquinol® is a research-based ingredient that supports female reproductive health in a number of ways. 

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Ubiquinol Enhances Women’s Preconception Health 

When trying to conceive, maintaining your health and the health of your reproductive cells is of the utmost importance. Ubiquinol supports:

  • The health of oocytes
  • Healthy egg function
  • Overall female reproductive health

How Kaneka Ubiquinol® Supports Women

Ubiquinol is the active, antioxidant form of CoQ10. Taking Ubiquinol can support female reproductive health as well as oocyte and egg health: 

Plays A Role In Powering Reproductive Cells

Oocytes, or immature egg cells and eggs, require a substantial amount of cellular energy. When trying to become pregnant, it’s crucial that your body’s ability to create cellular energy is as efficient as possible. Research shows that Ubiquinol supports this cellular energy process, which is important for oocyte and egg health. 

Helps Protect Reproductive Cells From Oxidative Damage

Oxidative stress arises when there’s an imbalance between protective antioxidants and potentially harmful molecules called “free radicals.” This imbalance can pose particular challenges for women trying to conceive. An excess of oxidative stress can negatively impact oocyte quality and function, especially as you age. Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect reproductive cells from damage related to oxidative stress.

Support For Your Preconception Journey

No matter where you are in the preconception process, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor as you begin to make lifestyle changes to prepare your body to conceive. Talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have about your health. And, ask your doctor about how Ubiquinol can support your reproductive health, or shop for Ubiquinol supplements today. 

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